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The Writings of George Washington from the Original Manuscript Sources, 1745-1799
The George Washington Papers from the Manuscript Division at the Library of Congress
The Papers of George Washington
George Washington: A National Treasure
Rediscovering George Washington (PBS)
George Washington and His Legacy: Myths, Symbols and Reality (NEH Summer Institute for Teachers)
The White House Biography of George Washington
Mark Twain on George Washington
Washington: Man and Myth
The Surprising George Washington, by Richard Norton Smith (National Archives)
Face Value: George Washington and Portrait Prints, by Catherine E. Kelly (Common-Place)
Distilling the Past at George Washington's Distillery
It's Still George Washington's Birthday (Not President's Day), by Matthew Spalding (The Heritage Foundation)
On Washington's Birthday, by Frank E. Grizzard, Jr. (Milestone Documents Blog)
George Washington - People who Founded America

The following resources are at EDSITEment
George Washington: The Living Symbol
What Made George Washington a Good Military Leader?
George Washington: The Precedent President
Washington and the Whiskey Rebellion
George Washington on the Sedition Act

The following resources are at HistoryNet.com
George Washington: Patriot, President, Planter and Purveyor of Distilled Spirits, by Philip Brandt George
George Washington: Hero of the Confederacy, by William F. B. Vodrey
George Washington: His Final Days, by John Ferling
George Washington: His Troubles with Slavery, by Dennis J. Pogue
George Washington: Defeated at the Battle of Long Island, by J. Jay Myers
The Marksman Who Refused to Shoot George Washington, by Ernest B. "Pat" Furguron
George Washington Pays Homage to Yahweh, by Simon Schama

The following resources are from the Top Ten Lists at FrankGrizzard.biz
Top Ten George Washington Websites
Top Ten George Washington Myths
Top Ten George Washington Books
Twenty More Top George Washington Books

Dean Friedman's audio recording George Washington Slept Here , celebrating George Washington and the United States.

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